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Map of the Region



An infant nation founded by a legendary group of adventurers, Verra has turned into a haven for exiles and an opportunity for anyone looking for some quick coin. Verra consists of a large island, a smaller western island (West Verra), and archipelagoes to the north & south.

Much of the nation is still uncivilized, having just been cleared of dragons and hostile tribes. The population centers are clustered around Calipor (capitol, under construction) and New Dallos (primary port, trade center). Farms have sprung up on its western island & spreading south along the frontier into the Grasslands, where wandering tribes of half-orcs, gnolls, and goblinoids skirmish. The Dusk Woods, nestled against the Boneridge Mountains, have become a haven for drow exiles adapting to life aboveground.

Almost all of Verra's trade passes through New Dallos on its way to Creol (in Balinas) and Lira (in Fayune).


Verra was founded by an adventuring party that stopped a devilish plot to conquer the world at Devil's Mouth in West Verra. The party established Verra mainly because there was no place they could settle down together comfortably. They were, by their own admission, a party of half-breeds: a half-elf, a half-dragon, a half-orc, and a half-foreigner. Their beliefs have made Verra more representative & less feudalistic than its neighbors and attracted a diverse range of races.

The party recently learned the founders had a 5th member, unknown to the outside world, who died in the battle at Devil's Mouth. The 5th member was Nu's half-fiend son. He's commemorated by an unnamed statue outside of the Irregulars HQ; most people mistake it for an angel.

New Dallos

New Dallos is Verra's largest city, current seat of government, and main travel/trade hub. Built beside, on top of, and beneath a seaside cliff, New Dallos is divided into 3 sections:

  • Topside: The most well-off section. Home to the Church District, the Elven District, and The Park.
  • Seaside: The largest section, nestled between the ocean and the cliff. Home to the docks, the Market, the Government District. Most of New Dallos's low- & middle-class live here.
  • Underside: A cavern underneath the cliff expanded by the dwarves, drow, and other underground denizens of New Dallos. The Dwarven District is well off, but the rest of it is home to some of the poorest & most vicious citizens of New Dallos. On the flip side, some of New Dallos's best guards and Irregulars came from here.

New Dallos has one of the most diverse populations known, filled with exiles, refugees, and "monstrous races" looking to make a new home for themselves. It's said that if a race can be civilized, there's a member of it living in New Dallos. New Dallos also has one of the highest concentrations of adventurers in the civilized world. Adventurers are used to the racial diversity, appreciate the variety of services & goods available, and enjoy the lack of feudalistic rules and landed nobles lording over them. Even adventurers from other countries regularly visit New Dallos. Most of New Dallos's adventurers are also members of the Irregulars.


A network of adventurers sanctioned by Verra's government. Irregular benefits include:

  • Banking, storage, and healing services
  • Notification of odd jobs & requests for adventurers
  • Limited law enforcement powers
  • Legal ownership of any loot acquired (with a few exceptions)

Irregulars are given a lot of freedom in their methods; they have no duty to the network, merely responsibility. The founders realized most adventurers would wither under the laws, regulations, and duties that guards & soldiers follow. There are no mandatory duties; all jobs are optional, with benefits measured by a member's accomplishments. Members are only kicked out if they break the Irregulars's First Rule: "Do no evil."

The Irregulars is still a fledgling network made of the most cunning, aggressive, and motivated individuals in Verra. New incidents & grey areas in the Irregulars's guidelines seem to crop up every month.


Verra's soon-to-be capital is still under construction. Smaller and more serene than New Dallos, the government plans to move there within a year.

Dusk Woods

The Dusk Woods, south of New Dallos, are quickly being settled by the new drow exiles moving to Verra. A recent "prank" by the original pixie inhabitants of the forest have left relations between them & the drow strained.

Boneridge Mountains

The Boneridge Mountains were once home to a large number of warring evil dragons considered gods by the neighboring tribes. Now that most of them are wiped out, the Boneridge Mountains are home to a large number of kobolds & stubborn dwarven mining operations.

Eastern Desert

Just southeast of New Dallos is a small desert formed by the Boneridge Mountains. It is not settled and rarely traveled; travelers often disappear in it. Rumor is they missed a dragon in it.

The Grasslands

The southern part of Verra is still wild, home to marauding tribes of goblinoids, gnolls, and other savage humanoids. A friendly half-orc tribe recently moved down here to help keep them in line, with help from the gith of the Toppled Peak.

Toppled Peak

A major planar aberration from the same event that created the Devil's Mouth, the Toppled Peak is githzerai monastery that was wrenched from Limbo and deposited here on its side a couple centuries ago. The githzerai monastery has rebuilt and turned into a haven of martial & psionic prowess. The surrounding tribes regard it with fear & awe. Malik's party used it as a base of operations while they were investigating Devil's Mouth; it remains a staunch ally of Verra in the wild South.

West Verra

A verdant island suited for farming & grazing, marred by the...

Devil's Mouth

A volcanic peak transplanted to this world from the Nine Hells in some epic planeshift centuries ago. An archdevil once tried to harness its infernal power & natural connection to the Nine Hells to conquer the world; Malik's party stopped him, saving the world and setting the stage for Verra's founding. Now numerous churches have shrines & branches established here, attempting to keep its infernal influence to a minimum.

According to the Planar Rule of Three, Devil's Mouth & Toppled Peak should have a sister site near Verra ripped from a neutral good plane. No such site has been found yet.

Islands En Route to Verra

A sparse archipelago connects Verra to the mainland. It's spotted with independent ports on good terms with the neighboring countries.


A trading port halfway between Creol & New Dallos. A popular outfitting stop for travelers.


A small port & pirate town near Izagora. When the PCs visited here, they freed the town from giant spiders, uncovered a pirate treasure, saved the town's aranea population from death from the spider eaters, and dumped its corrupt mayor into the ocean.


Balinas is known for its fertile farmland & the vast marshlands surrounding Creol, its major port city. Balinas has an uneasy truce with the lizardfolk who used to rule the marshlands. Balinas is friendly towards Verra & Fayune, and is currently waging (and winning) a war against Lecia. Balinas is also hostile towards Dolghan, who they suspect of aiding Lecia.


An elven colony established centuries ago on the forested peninsula. Remote even by elven standards, it was considered a backwater region by the elven homeland until Verra was established. The subsequent waves of goods and travelers have turned Lira, its main port, into a boomtown. Fayune is friendly towards Balinas & on good terms with Verra, although they have expressed displeasure at the recent influx of drow entering Verra.


A mountainous dwarven nation to the north, it stands above one of the largest entrances to the Underdark & has a proud heritage of fighting off attacks from below. It provides most of Verra's minerals. Many of the Underdark exiles heading to Verra also pass through Dolghan, slipping through cracks in the dwarven defenses; Dolghan hasn't had a problem with shipping them off to Verra instead of imprisoning them so far. Dolghan is allies with Lecia & trades with Verra.


The rocky, hilly coastland of Lecia is dominated by independent city-states that band together for mutual defense in times of war. Descendents of Hahnol's nomads, they rely on the sea for sustenance and the mountains for defense. Lecia is currently at war with Balinas. They lost some land to Balinas' larger armies before fighting them to a standstill in the mountains. Most of Verra's human and gnomish residents came from Lecia; Lecia had the largest gnomish population in the area before Verra was established. They are allied with Dolghan & friendly towards Verra, sharing many of their ideals. They distrust Fayune for their support of Balinas, but have tolerated them because they control the trade routes to Verra.


The oldest human nation in the region, Hahnol was dominated by tribes of nomadic horsemen for a thousand years. Although the Nebiros Empire conquered them a few decades ago, they have left the Hahnolans alone for the most part. Hahnol's nomadic tribes are a mixture of humans and halflings. Hahnol is a stalwart ally of Lecia due to their common past. Hahnol is also on good terms with Verra; combined, Hahnol & Lecia account for almost all of Verra's human/halfling residents.

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