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Nation of Verra

A new island nation led by a former adventurer. Lenient towards adventurers and the more exotic races.

  • Malik: Human wizard, former adventurer, current governor of Verra. Recently gave the party permission to "go rogue" to undermine the Vostan Empire's efforts without pulling Verra into a premature war with them.
  • Lillindra: Drow priestess, follower of Elistraee, Malik's advisor & fiance.
  • Saveta: Half-dragon cleric of Bahamut, leader of the local Church of Bahamut.
  • The Irregulars: Adventurers company set up by the government. Provides adventurers with jobs & some law enforcement privileges.

Vostan Empire

A distant, powerful nation whose state religion worships Zarus, deity of human superiority. Not known for treating non-humans well. Recently, they've taken an interest in the area around Verra, sending their navy to help their new ally Dolghan win their war against Balinas.

  • Two Vostan ships attempted to bring a group of cursed drow to the Devil's Mouth in Verra. The party stopped that plot and hijacked the ships.
  • The Vostan ambassador to Verra is involved with a plot to sabotage New Dallos using dopplegangers, gunpowder, stirge eggs, and infernal rituals. The party has currently killed a few dopplegangers associated with him, hijacked his ship, stole a few crates from him, and is busy moving in for the final blow.

The Aristocrats

Materially rich, morally bankrupt scoundrels & ruffians. Run a criminal empire of hedonism from their mansions.

  • An Aristocrats group tried to kill a scholar in Creol to nab his book on ancient history. The PCs stopped them.
  • An Aristocrats group ran a slave ring out of a mansion in New Dallos until the PCs interfered.
  • It seems the Aristocrats are somehow involved with the Vostan ambassador's sabotage attempts in Verra. The ambassador seems to frequent one of their mansions.

Lost City of Avantum

An underwater city near Verra, home to powerful mages. Talia's birthplace.

  • Maria: Avanti spy & summoner assigned to New Dallos. Attempted to forcibly capture Talia & failed miserably; later freed by the party when she swore to help them unravel the Vostans' plans. Currently reluctant ally to the party.


Seem to be working with the Vostans. Why they are is unknown.

  • Devil's Mouth: A currently inert portal to the Nine Hells on the isle of West Verra. Considered extremely dangerous; a holy order attempted to watch over the portal, but it was destroyed after only a few years. The Vostans appear to have an interest in the portal and even have a forward base on West Verra.

Followers of Lolth

An enemy in the shadows. Despise the drow that escaped to Verra.

  • On the party's first adventure together, they stopped an attempt to sabotage a festival in Creol and pin it on the escaped drow.
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