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The Hunters of the Stag speak a noun-based modular language. That is to say, in order to make a new word, you build new words by mashing together other words. In addition, there are no verbs in the Horjinic language; instead, you take a noun and add a verb ending, thereby making the necessary verb.

For instance, the word for water is "viet" ( rune-vi.png rune-et.png ). Therefore, to drink water would be said or written as "vietatvile" ( rune-vi.png rune-et.png rune-at.png rune-vi.png rune-le.png ) -- "viet" for water, and the present-tense verb ending "atvile". If it were to have drunk water (past tense), the word would instead be "vietatvigi" ( rune-vi.png rune-et.png rune-at.png rune-vi.png rune-gi.png ); conversely, if it were to drink water (future tense), the word would be "vietatvisa" ( rune-vi.png rune-et.png rune-at.png rune-vi.png rune-sa.png ).


Rune Anglicized
Pronunciation Old
rune-a.png A -Ah Female Female
rune-at.png At Att Peace Water Shaking Hands
rune-au.png Au Aouw Shield Shield Shield
rune-ax.png Ax Acks Life Life
rune-di.png Di Dee Death Death
rune-el.png El Ell Victory Sword Sword
rune-er.png Er Err Resilience Earth
rune-es.png Es Ess Wind
rune-et.png Et Ehtt Sword Fire Sword
rune-fa.png Fa Fah Crops Scythe
rune-ga.png Ga Gah Not
rune-gi.png Gi Ghee Strength Air
rune-go.png Go Goh Fire
rune-hor.png Hor Hoar Cat Animal Eye
rune-ig.png Ig Igg Stealth
rune-jin.png Jin Jean God God Eye
rune-k.png K -Chk Plural Plural
rune-le.png Le Lay Spear Trident
rune-n.png N -N- Spirit
rune-pe.png Pe Pay Plant Tree
rune-ra.png Ra Rah Sky
rune-re.png Re Ray Light Sun
rune-ri.png Ri Riee Water River
rune-ru.png Ru Rooh Earth Mountains
rune-sa.png Sa Saw Sun Sun
rune-se.png Se Say Lightning Spear Lightning
rune-si.png Si Siee Dark
rune-ta.png Ta Tah Sound
rune-te.png Te Tay Body Man
rune-to.png To Tooh Moon Moon
rune-us.png Us Oose Bow Bow Bow
rune-ve.png Ve Vay Less
rune-vi.png Vi Viee House House Town

Limited Dictionary

This is a basic dictionary with commonly accepted words among the Hunters of the Stag.

English Word Anglicized Horjinic Horjinic Runes
Air Raga rune-ra.png rune-ga.png
All Veto rune-ve.png rune-to.png
Angel Totajinraleviataxten rune-to.png rune-ta.png rune-jin.png rune-ra.png rune-le.png rune-vi.png rune-at.png rune-ax.png rune-ten.png
Animal Petara rune-pe.png rune-ta.png rune-ra.png
Arm Axdiru rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-ru.png
Back Axdiel rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-el.png
Big Veus rune-ve.png rune-us.png
Bird Viatax rune-vi.png rune-at.png rune-ax.png
Body Axdi rune-ax.png rune-di.png
Brother Lenpeten rune-len.png rune-pe.png rune-ten.png
Cat Risi rune-ri.png rune-si.png
Chimaera Petaranauvinraautaax rune-pe.png rune-ta.png rune-ra.png rune-nau.png rune-vin.png rune-ra.png rune-au.png rune-ta.png rune-ax.png
Death Taax rune-ta.png rune-ax.png
Demon Raautaax rune-ra.png rune-au.png rune-ta.png rune-ax.png
Destruction Taaxri rune-ta.png rune-ax.png rune-ri.png
Divine Totajinrale rune-to.png rune-ta.png rune-jin.png rune-ra.png rune-le.png
Dragon Veusrengoteigeldi rune-ve.png rune-us.png rune-ren.png rune-go.png rune-te.png rune-ig.png rune-el.png rune-di.png
Earth Fael rune-fa.png rune-el.png
Father Fateelten rune-fa.png rune-te.png rune-el.png rune-ten.png
Fertility Fateel rune-fa.png rune-te.png rune-el.png
Fire Rengo rune-ren.png rune-go.png
Foot Axditesa rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-te.png rune-sa.png
Gem Pelefael rune-pe.png rune-le.png rune-fa.png rune-el.png
Gift Jinrale rune-jin.png rune-ra.png rune-le.png
God Tota rune-to.png rune-ta.png
Good Pele rune-pe.png rune-le.png
Griffin Rungarisiviatax rune-run.png rune-ga.png rune-ri.png rune-si.png rune-vi.png rune-at.png rune-ax.png
Hair Axdivisa rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-vi.png rune-sa.png
Head Axdivi rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-vi.png
Horn Axdivijin rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-vi.png rune-jin.png
Horse Sitadi rune-si.png rune-ta.png rune-di.png
Hunt Regigo rune-re.png rune-gi.png rune-go.png
Insect Igfanpe rune-ig.png rune-fan.png rune-pe.png
Island Divea rune-di.png rune-ve.png rune-a.png
Jackalope Axdivijink Igesto rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-vi.png rune-jin.png rune-k.png rune-ig.png rune-es.png rune-to.png
Kaiser Totajinrale Horgorisa rune-to.png rune-ta.png rune-jin.png rune-ra.png rune-le.png rune-hor.png rune-go.png rune-ri.png rune-sa.png
Leader Horgorisa rune-hor.png rune-go.png rune-ri.png rune-sa.png
Leg Axdite rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-te.png
Life Fate rune-fa.png rune-te.png
Lion Rungarisi rune-run.png rune-ga.png rune-ri.png rune-si.png
Little Lenpe rune-len.png rune-pe.png
Lizard Teigeldi rune-te.png rune-ig.png rune-el.png rune-di.png
Mage Ditanraau rune-di.png rune-tan.png rune-ra.png rune-au.png
Man Ten rune-ten.png
Many Vega rune-ve.png rune-ga.png
Gon rune-gon.png
Mixture Nauvin rune-nau.png rune-vin.png
Moon Aurafateeltena rune-au.png rune-ra.png rune-fa.png rune-te.png rune-el.png rune-ten.png rune-a.png
Mother Fateeltena rune-fa.png rune-te.png rune-el.png rune-ten.png rune-a.png
Music Peletovita rune-pe.png rune-le.png rune-to.png rune-vi.png rune-ta.png
One Who Uses
One Who Does
Raau rune-ra.png rune-au.png
Pain Tovetaax rune-to.png rune-ve.png rune-ta.png rune-ax.png
Pegasus Viatax Sitadi rune-vi.png rune-at.png rune-ax.png rune-si.png rune-ta.png rune-di.png
Phoenix Rengo Viatax rune-ren.png rune-go.png rune-vi.png rune-at.png rune-ax.png
Plains Runga rune-run.png rune-ga.png
Planet Veus Fael rune-ve.png rune-us.png rune-fa.png rune-el.png
Plant Faeljinrale rune-fa.png rune-el.png rune-jin.png rune-ra.png rune-le.png
Rabbit Igesto rune-ig.png rune-es.png rune-to.png
Shireroth Fael Totajinrale Horgorisa rune-fa.png rune-el.png rune-to.png rune-ta.png rune-jin.png rune-ra.png rune-le.png rune-hor.png rune-go.png rune-ri.png rune-sa.png
Sister Lenpetena rune-len.png rune-pe.png rune-ten.png rune-a.png
Sky Aura rune-au.png rune-ra.png
Sound Tovita rune-to.png rune-vi.png rune-ta.png
Spirit Ditan rune-di.png rune-tan.png
Squid Axdiruvietpetara rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-ru.png rune-vi.png rune-et.png rune-pe.png rune-ta.png rune-ra.png
Star Lenpe Aurafateelten rune-len.png rune-pe.png rune-au.png rune-ra.png rune-fa.png rune-te.png rune-el.png rune-ten.png
Tiger Totajinralerisi rune-to.png rune-ta.png rune-jin.png rune-ra.png rune-le.png rune-ri.png rune-si.png
Totem Ditanten rune-di.png rune-tan.png rune-ten.png
Unicorn Axdivijin Sitadi rune-ax.png rune-di.png rune-vi.png rune-jin.png rune-si.png rune-ta.png rune-di.png
Very Vius rune-vi.png rune-us.png
Water Viet rune-vi.png rune-et.png
Without Tove rune-to.png rune-ve.png
Wolf Lenpenelig rune-len.png rune-pe.png rune-nel.png rune-ig.png
Woman Tena rune-ten.png rune-a.png
Red Nauet rune-nau.png rune-et.png
Orange Naugo rune-nau.png rune-go.png
Yellow Nausa rune-nau.png rune-sa.png
Green Naupe rune-nau.png rune-pe.png
Blue Nauri rune-nau.png rune-ri.png
Indigo Naudi rune-nau.png rune-di.png
Violet Nauto rune-nau.png rune-to.png
Black Nausi rune-nau.png rune-si.png
White Naure rune-nau.png rune-re.png
Gray Naues rune-nau.png rune-es.png
Brown Nauru rune-nau.png rune-ru.png
Rainbow Naujin rune-nau.png rune-jin.png

Special Instances

  1. Though it is given its own character, the "-n-" rune is most frequently attached to the closest vowel. Only in very select instances is it not. In cases where there are two vowels that it could attach to, it attaches left.
  2. Vowel sounds that are next to each other are pronounced as one letter. Therefore, raau (one who does), is pronounced "rauw"; similarly, taax (death) is simply "tax".
  3. The ending -atvila is given to any present-tense verb, -atvigi to any past tense, and -atvisa to any future tense.
  4. The "-a" character ( rune-a.png ) is only used on the end of compounds. It is not used at all on verbed words. For instance, a female bird is a viataxa. But the word to fly, whether applied to a male or female, is always viataxatvila for present tense, viataxatvigi for past tense, and viataxatvisa for future tense.
  5. In most instances, the "hor" sound starts a word. In all instances, "k" ends a word.
  6. Words are written with breaks at hard sound points. For instance, veusrengoteigeldi is pronounced and written as one word, while viatax sitadi is written as two.
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