Gleiphir Steam Titan

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Gleiphir Steam Titan
LN Large Construct (Steam-powered)
Class none
Init: +7; Senses: Darkvision 60', low-light vision, true seeing;
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Ignan, Aquan, Celestial

AC 30; touch 12; flat-footed 27

(-1 size, +3 Dex, +18 natural)

HP 123 (17 HD); DR 20/starmetal
Immune construct immunities
Resist fire 20, cold 20, electricity 10
SR 32
Fort +5 Ref +8 Will +10
Weakness steam-powered weaknesses, construct weaknesses

Speed 65 ft. (13 squares); climb 15'
Melee scissor +20/+10 (1d6+10, 20/x3)
blade +15/+5 (2d6+10 plus 1d6 electricity, 19-20/x2 plus 1d10 electricity)
Ranged 5 bolts +22/+17/+12/+7/+2 (1d6+5 plus 1d6 fire, 19-20/x2 plus 1d10 fire)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
BAB +12; Grp +26
Attack Options Improved Grab, Constrict, Breathe Fire, Breathe Water, Power Attack, Improved Trip, Leap Attack
Special Actions magic missile, acid arrow (6/day); resilient sphere, nondetection, wall of force (2/day) (CL 17th)
Combat Gear 30 bolts

Abilities Str 30, Dex 16, Con --, Int 18, Wis 20, Cha 10
SQ Stability, Speed Up, Pounce
Feats Improved InitiativeB, AlertnessB, Two-Weapon Fighting1, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting3, Improved Grapple6, Improved Trip9, Power Attack12, Leap Attack15
Skills Balance +23, Climb +38, Jump +30, Listen +27, Search +24, Spot +27
Advancement as construct; Favored Class none
Possessions combat gear

The Heliosundians' most recent development is the Gleiphir Steam Titan, a construct which arguably turned the tide of their war with Gressent in their favor. Large, quick, and deadly, these constructs are veritable death machines. Perhaps most terrifying is the way they launch themselves forward in combat, landing in front of their opponents and unleashing a flurry of blows, though by no means is that their only form of attack. These constructs also have a variety of spell-like abilities and two different breath weapons that they use judiciously on their opponents that remain out of their reach.

The Gleiphir Steam Titan stands nearly eight feet tall and weighs almost two thousand pounds. Its left arm is a vicious blade, while its right is a gigantic pincer. Its eyes glow with malicious fire, and it seems to stare through you. Its four legs end in sharp points that leave gaping holes in the ground behind it. Located directly underneath its eyes is a small opening from which small, quick darts shoot out, which explode upon striking.

Steam-powered Weaknesses
Like all steam-powered creatures (due to their dependencies on both fire and water), Gleiphir Steam Titan react strangely to specific spells.

Any spell with the (Fire) descriptor causes a Gleiphir Steam Titan to enter a rage (like a first-level barbarian) for 1d4 rounds. Any spell with the (Cold) descriptor affects it as a slow spell for 1d4 rounds. Any spell that dispels, supresses, or breaks magical enchantments causes the Gleiphir Steam Titan to shut down for the duration of the spell (or 1d4+1 rounds, if the duration is instantaneous). Mordenkainen's disjunction causes a Gleiphir Steam Titan to become nonfunctional.

Breathe Fire (Sp)

A Gleiphir Steam Titan can, once every 1d4 rounds, breathe a ball of fire. Treat this as a fireball spell, caster level 17th.

Breathe Water (Sp)

A Gleiphir Steam Titan can, once every 1d4 rounds, emit a jet of cold water. Treat this as a polar ray spell, caster level 17th.


A Gleiphir Steam Titan carries a quiver of 30 bolts in its gullet. These bolts deal 1d6+5 damage plus 1d6 fire damage. Like a flaming burst weapon, they explode on a critical hit, dealing an additional 1d10 fire damage.

Improved Grab

To use this ability, a Gleiphir Steam Titan must hit a creature at least one size smaller than itself with its scissor attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and can constrict.


A Gleiphir Steam Titan deals 3d10+10 damage with a successful grapple check.

Stability (Ex)

Due to its four-legged stance, a Gleiphir Steam Titan is difficult to knock over. It gets a +4 bonus to all rolls to resist bull rushes, trips, and overrun attempts.

Speed Up (Su)

A Gleiphir Steam Titan adds 1 to its initiative roll each round of combat beyond the first. For instance, a Gleiphir Steam Titan that has been in combat for three rounds would get a +3 to its initiative, while one that had been in combat for seven would get a +7.

Pounce (Ex)

If a Gleiphir Steam Titan charges an opponent, it can make a full attack, including both blade attacks.

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