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You are a pit fighter, forced by The Masters into gladiatorial combat for the entertainment of the masses, day after day. Through blood and sweat, disease and hunger, you struggle through victories to purchase your freedom.


Character Creation

  • Level 1
  • 26 point buy, can reduce one score to as low as 6 to obtain one or two extra points
  • No LA allowed
  • No templates allowed (Including Dragonborn)
  • Two traits allowed
  • One flaw allowed, from the following list: Feeble, Frail, Meager Fortitude, Noncombatant, Pathetic, Poor Reflexes, Slow, Unreactive, Vulnerable, Weak Will
  • No alternate class features allowed. You can complain to Fro until he makes an exception.
  • No d20r.
  • Charisma is relevant; whether you get the thumbs up or thumbs down in the pit may depend on how much the Master and the audience support you.
  • You start with maximum starting cash for your class.
  • You have no gold remaining after your initial gear purchases; however, the cost of your initial gear is added to your total debt, which starts at 1000 gp.
  • If you can get your name to live on in infamy, you can designate an heir who will be billed as the next "you." This is effectively identical to a free resurrection.
  • No races originally published in the Eberron campaign setting.
  • Put that terrible book away. By which I mean the Book of Exalted Deeds.
  • "Races of" content must be approved by me in advance.
  • Fell Drain is specifically banned.
  • No races without a character adaptation block without prior approval.
  • If it gets +4 or more to a single stat, it is not a race you can use.



Adroit Leaper

You're light on your feet, quick and nimble, assets that make leaps and bounds effortless for you.

Skill Affected: Jump
New Key Stat: Dex

Two abilities.

Cold Reader

You're quick at figuring out what others want to hear - and what they're willing to believe.

Skill Affected: Bluff
New Key Stat: Wis

Easy Target: Overconfidence breeds weakness - and you're good at reading when a foe feels too sure of himself and playing on it. Once per encounter as an immediate action, you can select an enemy within 30 feet and make a Bluff check opposed by the foe's Sense Motive check. If you succeed, that foe's next attack against you is made at a -4 penalty. You get a +4 bonus on this check if below full HP, and the foe takes a -4 penalty to his Sense Motive check if he has already damaged you this encounter.

Instill Worry: It takes very little in the line of acting ability to look behind someone and appear worried - and you've mastered the art of finding the degree of fear necessary to make the foe, despite his best judgment, look behind him. Once per encounter as a swift action, you can divert the attention of a foe within 30 feet with Int 3 or greater by making a Bluff check opposed by the foe's Sense Motive check. If you succeed, the foe is treated as being flanked until the start of your next turn.

Critical Eye

You're a master at quickly assessing items, not just for their potential value, but quite specifically for flaws which would detract from or weaken them.

Skill Affected: Appraise

Two abilities.

Mental Offense

You can sense foes in the psionic field and time small surges of aggressive thought to press combat advantage.

Skill Affected: Psicraft

Mental Shield

You can sense foes in the psionic field and time small surges of impeding thought to better your defensive position.

Skill Affected: Psicraft
New Key Stat: Wis (mayyyybe)

Might Makes Fright

You are very strong and some people find that scary.

Skill Affected: Intimidate
New Key Stat: Str

Warning Shot: When your attack narrowly misses removing someone's arm, they know deep down how doomed they are. Once per encounter when you miss with a melee attack, you may make a Demoralize attempt as a swift action against the foe you just missed.

Psychological Bully

You get into foes' minds with meticulous and precise eroding of their willpower.

Skill Affected: Intimidate
New Key Stat: Int

Psychological Assault: You can break a foe's resolve by insulting, distracting and belittling him. This ability is identical to the Demoralize action, but you must be able to speak and the target must be able to understand you. You can maintain a successful psychological assault each round by concentrating as a free action; if your concentration is broken, however, the effect immediately ends and your target is no longer shaken. You may attempt a psychological assault once per encounter.

Slick Like Grease

You're always on the lookout for things that you might need to elude or slip free from, and this heightened caution has saved you time and time again.

Skill Affected: Escape Artist

Beyond Your Grasp: Escape Artist check in place of opposed grapple on hold.

Survival Instinct: Escape Artist check to get a bonus to Reflex save, negate partial effect.

Unnoticed Ally

Your free hand always seems to have something to do to help you out, but all your foes see is the hand with the weapon until it's too late.

Skill Affected: Sleight of Hand

Blinding Sleight:' Your enemy spends too much time watching your main hand, allowing you to surprise him with the "meaningless" contents of your off hand. If you are in dusty, sandy, rocky or otherwise powdery terrain, you can collect and throw a handful of dust and debris at a foe's eyes once per encounter as a swift action. Make a ranged touch attack against your target. If you hit, the foe must make a Will save (DC 10 + your ranks in Sleight of Hand) or be blinded for 1 round. Even if the foe saves, he is still dazzled for one round. Your opponent may make a Spot check opposed by your Sleight of Hand check to notice what you're holding in your off hand. If he succeeds, he gets a +4 bonus to his Will save and to his touch AC against the blinding sleight attack.

Eagle's Talon:' In combat, an action that does not produce immediate results is often ignored, to your advantage. Once per encounter as a move action (or as part of a move action if your BAB is +1 or greater), you may throw a held weapon high up into the air. On your next turn, you may make a Sleight of Hand check (DC 15) to catch the falling weapon, surprising any enemy you (now) threaten with that weapon and rendering them flat-footed. Each such foe may make an opposed Spot check to notice the descending weapon; foes who see it are not flat-footed. If you fail the Sleight of Hand check, the weapon falls to the ground in your square. You require a mostly open environment to employ Eagle's Talon; low ceilings or hanging objects will block the weapon's trajectory.

Monkey Grab:' Your foe thinks your ability to threaten him is defined by your weapon, and likewise with his own, until he finds your hand already holding the item he needs to use. Once per encounter as an immediate action, you can make a Sleight of Hand check against an adjacent opponent, opposed by that target's Spot check. If you succeed, you gain a light grip on the foe's held weapon, shield or other held item (your choice) which is secured until the start of your next turn unless broken. A foe attempting to attack you with a gripped weapon takes a -4 penalty to the attack roll and breaks your grip. A foe with a gripped shield loses his shield bonus to AC. A foe with any other gripped item cannot use said item. An opponent holding a gripped item can take a move action to break your grip.

Generated Characters

  • Fiddler: Dead
  • Slayah: Dead
  • Crusader: Dead
  • Gareth: Dead
  • Gareth 2: Dead
  • Nine: Dead
  • Nine 2: Petrified
  • Neko: 4 gp 1 sp, 150 XP, 12 Master, 16 Church, 16 Audience, 16 Patrons
  • Eurus: 27 gp 9 sp, 600 XP, 42 Master, 93 Church, 62 Audience, 57 Patrons
  • Fiddler 2: 327 gp 4 sp, 5125 XP, 87 Master, 98 Church, 273 Audience, 368 Patrons
  • DW: 204 gp 7 sp, 3225 XP, 172 Master, 92 Church, 166 Audience, 249 Patrons (8?-0)
  • Slayah 2: 15 gp 5 sp, 300 XP, 93 Master, 51 Church, 61 Audience, 81 Patrons
  • Crusader 2: 8 gp 0 sp, 150 XP, 18 Master, 9 Church, 19 Audience, 19 Patrons
  • Shneekey: 12 gp 0 sp, 300 XP, 28 Master, 28 Church, 28 Audience, 56 Patrons
  • DW 2: 512 gp 4 sp, 6150 XP, 64 Master, 171 Church, 778 Audience, 183 Patrons (9-4-1) Famous
  • Yuu: 24 gp, 300 XP, 29 Master, 29 Church, 29 Audience, 29 Patrons (add 29 pending)
  • Gareth 3: 11 gp, 300 XP, 8 Master, 8 Church, 28 Audience, 36 Patrons
  • Nine 3: 49 gp 9 sp, 1050 XP, 156 Master, 177 Church, 187 Audience, 187 Patrons
  • Flicker: 26 gp 2 sp, 825 XP, 88 Master, 14 Church, 64 Audience, 64 Patrons
  • Flicker 2: 36 gp 7 sp, 650 XP, 198 Master, 0 Church, 95 Audience, 95 Patrons

Owe Gareth (Church) full value for 4 rounds with a shark; Yuu half value.

Known Opponents and Obstacles


  • The Brute
  • The Challenger
  • The Dwarf
  • Krenshar
  • The Retiarius
  • The Slender Sage
  • The Snake Pit


  • Black Bear
  • The Creature
  • Dretch
  • The Man in Black
  • Shark
  • Thoqqua
  • The Titan


  • Cockatrice
  • Dire Wolf
  • Very Young White Dragon
  • The Terror


  • Red Wyrmling


Important Rules

  • Charisma directly influences your accrual of Style, which impresses wealthy patrons and determines the favor of the Masters.
  • When you enter the Arena, if you are smart enough to read the crowd, you can designate a group to impress. You accrue double Style with the group you are impressing:
    • The Masters: With Int 8 or more, you can set out to impress the Masters; you are more likely to be spared if beaten, to execute your foe if triumphant, and to be treated well in the cells.
    • The Church: With Int 10 or more and Wis 10 or more, you can set out to impress your Church; you may receive pre-combat blessings and divine healing.
    • The Audience: With Int 12 or more, you can set out to impress the audience; you will earn more gold for both losses and victories, and those with a stake in the Arena will place higher value on you.
    • The Patrons: With Int 14 or more, you can set out to impress the patrons; you may receive gifts, goods, vacations or even valuable items through patronage.
  • As you enter the Arena, you size one another up, meaning that neither fighter is flat-footed. This rule does not apply in single challenges against unknown foes.
  • When you have less than half HP, if you are still awake, you may throw yourself on the Masters' mercy at any time, even when it's not your turn. If the Master determines you unworthy, however, you are guaranteed death.
  • You have no time to personally apply any buffs before combat unless they would cover a 24-hour period.

Arena Status


Becoming Famous is very useful, increasing reward chances and establishing a legacy. It takes very high favor with the Audience to become Famous.


Becoming Scorned comes from too many losses, and imposes severe penalties. You can no longer impress anyone in the Pit. If you lose, you accrue no favor at all.

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