Disruptive Discharge

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Disruptive Discharge

Evocation (Electricity)

  • Level: Swordmage 3
  • Casting Time: 1 immediate action
  • Range: Ranged attack
  • Saving Throw: None
  • Spell Resistance: No

The Sorceror formed four spheres of stone and flame, smirking as he began to gesture them towards the Swordmage. An arrow of force and lightning struck him in the chest, and an explosion of magic struck with it. When the light faded, the meteors were gone.

This incantation can only be used when an opponent is casting a spell, though it can always interrupt a casting, no matter how little time the spell takes to cast. The Swordmage attacks with a +1 Shocking Collision Longbow. If the attack hits, the opponents spell is affected as per a Dispel Magic used as a Counterspell, using the Swordmage's Caster Level for the check.

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