Disability Feats

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Born Blind (Birth)

Requirement: Level 1 (Only)

You were born blind. You automatically fail all spot checks related to vision, and all your ranged attacks have a maximum range equal to the distance of your blindsense (or their normal range, if its shorter). However, your blindness has tuned your senses, so you receive a +10 inherent bonus to all listen checks. You also receive blindsense out to 15'. If you are a wizard, your spellbook is in braille, and you receive Common Braille as a language.

Blind Adaptation

Requirement: Born Blind

You have trained your senses to make up for your lack of sight. Your blindsense increases to 30'. You also can read braille for all of your languages, instead of just Common. You also receive an additional +5 inherent bonus to your Listen checks.

Second Sight

Requirements: Born Blind, Blind Adaptation

Your senses have fully adapted to your blindness. Replace your blindsense with blindsight out to 60'. You also receive an additional +5 inherent bonus to Listen checks.

Born Mute (Birth)

Requirement: Level 1 (Only)

For some reason, you were unable to speak when you were born. You cannot use Perform (Sing) of similar Perform skills at all, and you receive a -20 to any Diplomacy, Bluff, or Intimidate check that involves a creature that doesn't know handsign. However, any spell you cast is treated as though it were cast with the Silent Spell metamagic feat. In addition, you know handsign for any language you know.

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