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Neicrombe: (Knee-a-cromb) The god of order, Neicrombe, is lawful neutral. His titles include The World Mechanic, He Who has Seen a Thousand Souls, and the Bearer of the Mantle. Neicrombe promotes order, sanity, and law, caring little about morals. He favors the Elves in their plight, asserting that the Fiends threaten all that he stands for. The domains he is associated with are Law, Protection, and Knowledge. His favored weapon is the one-handed hammer. His followers enforce worldly order through a mixture of both physical and spiritual means. His symbol is an anvil wreathed with motes of light.

Gondahir: (Gon-da-heer) The god of freedom and happiness, Gondahir, is chaotic good. His title is The Wanderer. Gondahir represents virtue and choice, but will destroy those who threaten that joy. He supports the Elves so strongly in this war that he personally heads his faction through its prophet (via overshadowing). Of course, he only does this to give orders. The domains he is associated with are Travel, Trickery, and Luck. His favored weapon is the sling. His followers love peace just as much as he does, but will do everything in their power to preserve it; they’re peaceful, not pacifist. His symbol is a side view of a boot that has a horseshoe embedded in the heel.

Melna: The goddess of lightning, Melna, is true neutral. Her titles include Melna of the Sands, Goddess of the Storm, and Devilbane. Melna has devoted herself to ending “the blight of fiends”, making a stand in the Material Plane. Unfortunately, she is occupied by the forces in her own realm at the time. Melna is capable of bringing massive thunderbolts down on her enemies and causing city-crushing storms. The domains she is associated with are Air, Magic, and Protection. Her favored weapon is the longbow. Before she ascended from mortality, Melna Devilbane gained her title by defending the realm from one of the most powerful fiends to ever exist. Her followers hate the fiends just as much as she does. Her symbol is the palm of a tanned hand with a blue eye displayed on it.

O’Thihn’Maal: The god of fear, O’Thihn’Maal, is chaotic evil. His titles include The Shadow and The Primal. O’Thihn’Maal, true to his namesake, is present wherever death is to be found, and enjoys this war infinitely. Many fiends devote themselves to his cause. The domains he is associated with are Chaos, Destruction, and War. A very adaptive god, O’Thihn’Maal’s favored weapon is the Automatic Rifle. O’Thihn’Maal gathers every soul his followers kill and transforms them into horrific monstrosities. He has many enemies, but he needs only one defense; his own. His symbol is a mutilated, screaming face with empty sockets for eyes. His followers actually carve this into things.

Verlin: The god of death, Verlin, is Neutral Evil. His title is The Blood-Born. Verlin cares little for the war or who’s fighting, though he enjoys the slaughter enough to get involved regardless. The domains he is associated with are Destruction, War, and Evil. His favored weapon is the Greatsword. He is a major factor in impeding the good deities’ efforts. His symbol is a fearsome, open-faced black helmet. Some of his followers opt to wear a replica instead of carrying a coin. Wearing such a helmet actually functions as an unholy symbol.

Maklhar: (Mack-l-hahr) The god of truth, Maklhar, is lawful good. His titles include The Redeemed One, He Who has Seen, and The Patron. Maklhar is the epitome of all that is just, and the patron of most Judge factions. The domains he is associated with are Good, Healing, and Strength. His favored weapon is the Longsword. He openly battles the fiends himself from the Astral Plane, but especially hates O’Thihn’Maal, the god of fear.

Me’Hil’Ma: The goddess of the moon and ocean, Me’Hil’Ma, is chaotic neutral. Her title is She Who is Eternal. Me’Hil’Ma is the protector of the planes, and although she does not necessarily hate the fiends, they threaten the very bindings of nature itself. The domains she is associated with are Water, Air, and Animal. Her favored weapons are her bare hands, meaning the unarmed strike. Her followers are usually monks, and other devoted followers (such as clerics) tend to fight in a very similar fashion. All of her followers seek to preserve peace, even at the cost of their own lives.

Makral: (Mahk-rahl) The god of the dead and predators, Makral, is lawful evil. His titles include Umbra, He who Truly Lives, The King of Serpents, and The King of Darkness. Makral is obsessed with killing and those who kill, furthering this war for his own amusement. The domains he is associated with are Evil, Trickery, and Death. His favored weapon is the Spear. He has both cults among the elves and a faction among the fiends.

Vanhir: (Vahn-heer) The god of fire, Vanhir, is neutral good. His title is The Illuminated. Vanhir’s followers include great leaders and scholars, though he personally cares little for their war. Instead, he battles the fiends to protect the world, as he believes that no being should die in such a horrid way. The domains he is associated with are Fire, Sun, and Good. His favored weapon is the Double-Bladed Sword. Though Vanhir cares little for the semantics regarding the war itself, he realizes that the fiends must be stopped.

Ganlos: (Gan-losse) The god of the rain and floods, Ganlos, is chaotic neutral. His title is Stormkiller. Ganlos still remembers when the elves betrayed the world, and still bears hatred toward them. As such, he leads his own unique troupe of outsiders to end the elves’ reign. Elves may join him, but only if they renounce their heritage first. The domains he is associated with are Water, Magic, War, and Knowledge. His favored weapons are twin swords, meaning his clerics gain the two-weapon fighting feat. Ganlos hates the elves, though he also hates the fiends. He has many powerful enemies, and so he must be the most powerful to survive.

Mae and Lor: (May and Lore) The twin goddesses of nature, Mae and Lor, are both true neutral. Mae’s title is Nightfang, while Lor’s title is The Hidden. Neither of them care much about the war, though they help their followers whenever they can. They are both associated with the Air, Earth, Fire, Magic, Plant, Travel, and Water domains, making their list of followers incredibly diverse. They have no favored weapon. Mae and Lor consider themselves safe from the fiends, and do little to stop them personally. Vanhir often chastises them for this.

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