Dancing Guards

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Dancing Guards

Abjuration [Force]

  • Level: Swordmage 5
  • Casting Time: 1 swift action
  • Range: Personal
  • Duration: 1 round/level

Surrounded by foes, the swordmage gestured to either side of her. Two ethereal rapiers sprang into existence around her as her foes attacked without mercy, blocking every blow.

The swordmage calls into being two +3 Dancing Ghost Touch Rapiers to protect her from harm. Whenever an opponent attacks, the swordmage may elect to have one or both of the blades protect her. Every time this happens, the Swordmage makes an attack roll against the incoming attack. If the Swordmage's roll is greater then that of the attack then the attack is deflected for no damage.

Each blade can only be used to deflect an attack once per five caster levels before it dissipates. If the Dancing property of a sword is used to actually make an attack, this also consumes one of these uses, and further prevents the sword from deflecting any attacks during that round.

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