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Exotic Shield Cost Shield Bonus Armor Check Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Chance Weight
Biblios 80 gp + Special 1 -2 15% 20 lbs.

A biblios (plural: biblia) is an iron- or steel-shod large book with a pair of straps on the back cover. The biblios is used as a shield. Like a librum, a biblios holds scrolls inside of it, up to ten.

When the wielder is struck by a critical hit, the biblios attempts to activate one of the scrolls within it (selected randomly by rolling 1d10). This attempt acts as a caster level check, using the caster level of the item. A non-magical biblios has an effective caster level of 0 but may still attempt to activate the scroll--it just does so with no bonus. A biblios treats no spells as being on a class spell list even if the wielder has that spell on its spell list. Despite this, a biblios does not need to make Use Magic Device checks to activate a scroll.

A scroll activated by the biblios inflicts that scroll's spell upon the attacking creature. If the spell has an area effect, the effect is centered on the attacker and has its usual results in its area. If the spell affects multiple targets, it affects the attacker and the closest creatures to it, which may include the wielder of the biblios and any allies thereof. If the spell affects its caster even when the caster is not the target of the spell, the wielder of the biblios is considered the caster for the purpose of those effects. Spells that have a direction (such as a cone- or line-shaped spell) start from the attacker and continue directly away from the wielder of the biblios.

Scrolls activated by the biblios become blank, as usual for used scrolls. If the randomly determined scroll is blank or missing, nothing happens.

Most found biblia are empty, though they occasionally have scrolls from their previous wielders in them. Purchased biblia are always empty.

Treat a biblios as being a heavy steel shield for purposes such as weapon size, shield bash effects, and similar.

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