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Child of the Seelie Court


"By day, we dance in the flower fields and forest glades, singing of our mirth. By night, we sleep in the open meadows below the stars, dreaming to the lullaby of the flowing mountain streams. What could a mortal life have offered me compared to this splendor and joy?" - Aderyn the Fair, a daughter of Titania.

The old legends speak of the fey, claiming that such otherworldly creatures often flow into the bedchambers of young children at night, stealing them away and leaving changelings in their place. These tales are mostly just tales now, often told to unruly boys or girls to get them back in line, and few but the most superstitious really believe in them. Yet they are not completely unfounded.

Within the lands and halls of the Seelie Court of the fey, many humanoid children wander. These children come from many lands and planes and hail from many races, brought to the Court and raised by the fey as if they were fey themselves. Many are orphans, found abandoned in the woods by dryads or saved from a river by nymphs. Some are indeed stolen from their true families, perhaps because of a satyr who falls in love with the child and decides to bring her to live in a brighter realm, or perhaps because of a pixie who takes it upon herself to rescue the child from his abusive parents and give him a better life.

Boys taken and raised in the Court are called the sons of Oberon, while girls are named the daughters of Titania. Regardless of their origins, such children are loved and cherished by all fey aligned to the Seelie Court, and they in turn develop a bond with fey and nature the likes of which most mortals cannot fathom. Eventually, when they grow up, all such children must leave the Court of the fey to make their own way in the world, but they carry this bond with them for all time.

Becoming a Child of the Seelie Court

The favor of the Seelie Court takes on different forms in males and females. For boys, the influence of the fey invokes in them a talent for the arcane, causing them to lean towards the sorcerous arts. For girls, this influences hones their emotions into manifested powers, causing them to become untamed fonts of psionic might. Thus, most sons of Oberon start out as sorcerers or bards, while nearly all daughters of Titania are wilders.

Entry Requirements

Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, Neutral, or Chaotic Neutral
Fey Heritage
Bluff 8 ranks, Knowledge (Nature) 4 ranks
Must have been stolen by fey as a child and taken to live in the Seelie Court.

In addition, a prospective Child of the Seelie Court must satisfy the following requirements, depending on his or her gender:

Male (Son of Oberon)
Able to cast Natural Bond spontaneously.
Female (Daughter of Titania)
Wild Surge +1 and able to manifest Link to Nature.

Class Skills

Skills Points: 6 + Intelligence modifier each level

Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Jump, Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (religion), Knowledge (the planes), Listen, Perform, Ride, Sleight of Hand, Spot, and Tumble

Sons of Oberon: Sons of Oberon additionally have Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device as class skills.

Daughters of Titania: Daughters of Titania additionally have Knowledge (psionics), Psicraft, and Use Psionic Device as class skills.

Class Features

Child of the Seelie Court Class Progression
LevelBABFortRefWillSpecialSpellcasting or Manifesting
1st+0+0+2+2Ecstatic Surge +1, Fey BondNone
2nd+1+0+3+3Fey Knowledge+1 level of existing class
3rd+2+1+3+3Heritage Feat, Greater Heritage+1 level of existing class
4th+3+1+4+4Fey Knowledge+1 level of existing class
5th+3+1+4+4Ecstatic Surge +2, Heritage Feat+1 level of existing class
6th+4+2+5+5Fey Knowledge+1 level of existing class
7th+5+2+5+5Heritage Feat, Greater Heritage+1 level of existing class
8th+6+2+6+6Fey Knowledge+1 level of existing class
9th+6+3+6+6Ecstatic Surge +3, Heritage Feat+1 level of existing class
10th+7+3+7+7Fey Knowledge, Fey Ascension+1 level of existing class

Hit Die: d6.

Your class features are influenced by your time with the fey at the Seelie Court. These features bring your closer to your adopted kind, eventually transforming you into one of them.

Spellcasting or Manifesting: At every child of the seelie court level beyond the 1st, you advance in sorcerous or psionic power. A son of Oberon gains an increase in spells per day, spells known, and caster level as if he had gained a level in an arcane spellcasting class he belonged to before he added this prestige class. A daughter of Titania gains an increase in power points, powers known, and manifester level as if she had gained a level in a manifesting class she belonged to before she added this prestige class. Neither one, however, gains any other class benefits a character of that class would have gained.

Ecstatic Surge (Su): A child of the seelie court can allow his passions and emotions boil to the surface when he uses his innate powers. Whenever you cast a spell, manifest a power, or use a spell-like ability granted by a Fey Heritage feat, you may choose to invoke this ability, increasing the caster or manifester level of that spell/power/ability by 1.

If you use this ability on a spell or SLA, the increase in caster level allows you to surpass the maximum caster level of level-dependent effects (such as the number of damage dice of a fireball spell), though only for the increase granted by this ability (so a 12th level sorcerer casting a fireball while Ecstatic Surging for +1 deals 11d6 damage with that fireball). In addition, if the spell is cast spontaneously with one or more metamagic feats applied, you do not need to increase casting time due to metamagic as long as the total metamagic adjustment is at or below twice the amount you surge for (so Surging for +1 lets you Empower a spell without increasing casting time, while Surging for +2 lets you Quicken a spontaneously cast spell).

If you use this ability on a power, the manifester level boost allows you to augment your powers to a higher degree than you otherwise could. You pay no extra power points for augmenting this way due to Ecstatic Surge; instead, the additional 1 power point that would normally be required to augment the power is effectively supplied by this ability.

At class levels 5 and 9, this ability improves, allowing you to Ecstatic Surge for more than +1 to the caster/manifester level. You can always choose to Ecstatic Surge for a lower amount than the maximum boost it allows. If you have the Wild Surge ability, you may add your Wild Surge bonus to determine the maximum caster/manifester level boost of Ecstatic Surge (so a Wilder 5/Daughter of Titania 5 has Ecstatic Surge +4). However, you may not use Ecstatic Surge and Wild Surge (or Overchannel) at the same time. Surging Euphoria applies to successful Ecstatic Surges.

While this ability is powerful, it comes at a cost. Each time you use Ecstatic Surge, there is a 5% chance per +1 surged that the surging emotions overwhelm you, disrupting your concentration and ruining your action. Whenever this happens, the spell, power, or SLA you are attempting to use fails to take effect, and you still expend the spell slot/power points/SLA use per day as if you had used it normally. In addition, you become shaken until the beginning of your next turn.

Fey Bond (Ex): Fey creatures and eladrins regard you as if you were one of them. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to all Charisma-based checks, a +1 bonus to saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities, and an extra skill point every level (including the level that you gain this ability). These bonuses do not stack with those granted from the Nymph's Kiss feat. If you already have the Nymph's Kiss feat upon gaining this ability, you may select a bonus Metamagic or Metapsionic feat instead.

In addition, you are treated as possessing an additional Fey Heritage feat for all purposes (such as for calculating the damage reduction from Fey Skin or for selecting fey spells).

Fey Knowledge: Your time with the fey has enhanced your knowledge of the natural world, allowing you to share in some of their powers. At every even level, you gain an extra Fey Spell or Fey Power to add to your spells or powers known. You may learn any spell/power of a level less than or equal to your class level, even if you cannot cast/manifest it yet.

These spells/powers do not count for the normal spells/powers known limit of your class. If you possess more than one spellcasting/manifesting class at the time of gaining this feature, you may add the extra spell/power to all of them that qualify (so a sorcerer/bard would add the spell to both lists, while a wilder/psion would only add the power to the wilder list since all of the fey powers are wilder-only).

Heritage Feat: At every odd level except 1st, you gain a bonus Fey Heritage feat. You must meet all qualifications of the feat that you select.

Greater Heritage (Ex): At 3rd level, bond with your fey heritage deepens. Select a Fey Heritage feat that you possess; you unlock additional capabilities based on the abilities granted by that feat. At 7th level, select a different Fey Heritage feat you possess and unlock those abilities as well.

Fey Heritage
You gain Slippery Mind, as the rogue special ability. At character level 9, you gain a permanent supernatural protection from law effect on yourself. At character level 15, that becomes a permanent supernatural magic circle against law instead. You may dismiss or reactivate either the protection from law or the magic circle against law as a free action, though you may not have both on at the same time.
Fey Legacy
Your confusion spell-like ability from Fey Legacy has a save DC 2 higher than normal. Your dimension door SLA from this feat can be used as a move action rather than a standard action. If used at caster level 11 or 12, your summon nature's ally V SLA becomes summon nature's ally VI instead. If used at caster level 13 or 14, it becomes summon nature's ally VII instead. If used at caster level 15 or 16, it becomes summon nature's ally VIII instead. If used at caster level 17 or higher, it becomes summon nature's ally IX instead.
Fey Power
Your caster level and save DCs for enchantment spells and warlock invocations and telepathy powers increase by another +1 (for a total of +2). In addition, your Ecstatic Surge has a 4% chance of failing per +1 you surge for, instead of 5%.
Fey Presence
Your charm monster SLA from Fey Presence has a save DC 2 higher than normal. The amount of HD your deep slumber SLA from this feat can affect increases to 5 + caster level. Your disguise self SLA from this feat is usable at-will instead of once per day.
Fey Skin
You may add half your class level in child of the Seelie Court to the damage reduction granted by your Fey Skin feat. In addition, that damage reduction is now penetrated only by lawful and cold iron weapons, rather than simply cold iron.

Fey Ascension (Ex): Your bond with the fey becomes perfect and everlasting, allowing you to walk immortally among them. Your type changes to fey rather than your original type, causing you to gain Low-Light Vision, proficiency with simple weapons, and immunity to spells and effects that only affect humanoids (such as dominate person). You also stop aging, no longer gaining physical ability penalties or mental ability bonuses from age (though those already gained remain), and you cannot die from old age.

Finally, you may choose one aspect of your heritage to meld into a complete bond. Select a single Fey Heritage feat for which you have selected for your Greater Heritage ability. You unlock further capabilities with that feat, as follows:

Fey Heritage
You become immune to all mind-affecting and divination spells, powers, and effects, as if you were under the mind blank spell, though you can selectively allow specific mind-affecting or divination effects to work on you if you so choose.
Fey Legacy
The SLAs granted to you by Fey Legacy can each be used three times per day rather than once per day.
Fey Power
Your caster level and save DCs for enchantment spells and invocations and telepathy powers increase by another +1 (for a total of +3). In addition, your Ecstatic Surge has a 3% chance of failing per +1 you surge for, instead of 4%.
Fey Presence
You may spend a use of your charm monster SLA from Fey Presence to use dominate monster as an SLA instead, but you may only have a single creature dominated this way at a time. Your deep slumber SLA from this feat can be used 3/day, and affects total HD of 10 + caster level instead of 5 + caster level. Your disguise self SLA from this feat is automatically quickened.
Fey Skin
The damage reduction from Fey Skin doubles (this includes the extra DR gained from the Greater Heritage). In addition, that damage reduction is now only penetrated by lawful and cold iron and epic weapons.

Playing a Child of the Seelie Court

As a child of the fey, you don't see the world in the same way as ordinary mortal beings. You feel a constant connection to the natural world around you, and this bond is as innate to you as your magical or psionic powers. Like the fey, you do more than respect nature; you see the trees, the streams, the mountains, and the land itself as living beings themselves. You don't worship nature, as druids do; you simply see yourself as part of the natural world, in the same way as the tree, the stream, or the mountain.


You enjoy trickery and mischief, and love to employ spells or powers to warp your enemies' minds or create illusions to fool them. You also know many spells or powers which can turn nature to your cause, such as those to communicate with nature, call upon bestial allies, or transform yourself into a wild beast, and you should use this natural bond to your advantage against opponents. Your Ecstatic Surge provides a way to maximize power, and you should select spells and powers that scale by level so you can take full advantage of it (such as spells like wings of flurry, orb of fire, and greater magic weapon, or powers like astral construct, energy stun, and vigor).


No individual chooses to become a child of the Seelie Court; instead, they are chosen, taken by the fey while young to live among them. While many children have lived among the fey in the Seelie Court, only a few individuals become members of this prestige class, for only those who feel their bond with nature most strongly can truly understand and build the connections with fey that this class demands.

You adventure now to seek an ever-closer communion with the fey, though this quest may be as much subconscious as it is conscious. All you really know is that the fey see you more and more as one of them, and you see yourself as a member of the fey as well. You have a potential, an ingrained love of ecstasy and nature that other mortals can never know, and that potential drives you now to a deeper and deeper understanding of the magics of the natural world.

After finishing with this prestige class, you should consider prestige classes that reinforce the methods of this class. Classes that embrace chaos, such as wild mage or anarchic initiate, can make a good match for a character that embraces the myriad of possibilities in life. Other classes, like thrallherd or mindbender, can help you with your enchantment or telepathy spells/powers, while classes like ruathar or wild soul can emphasize your connection to nature.


The children of the Seelie Court don't see themselves as a separate organization or group; instead, they see themselves as belonging to the larger body of the fey. While fey aren't known to be incredibly organized, they are willing to help one of their own. As such, any fey with allegiance to the Seelie Court may very well be willing to provide assistance to you when needed, though that help would often come with a price. Such costs typically require you to give gifts, provide entertainment (especially magical), or stay with the fey and provide company for a period of time.

Children of the Seelie Court in the World

"When she sings, she pours all of her passions, joys, and emotions into her music, revealing to all the world her deepest loves and fears. When she uses her magic, she does the same, sending her thoughts to the surface and willing the world to do her will. I find myself drawn to the sheer power she wields, yet frightened by the risks she dares whenever she calls upon that awesome might." - Hennet, human sorcerer.

Though rare, children of the Seelie Court may be found living around or within communities of fey with allegiance to the Seelie Court. Unlike other arcanists and manifesters, children of the Seelie Court prefer to savor the sweetness of life and let their passions guide their magic, a worldview very unlike that of the typical wizard or psion who devotes his life to study. Children of the Seelie Court take great pleasures in art, music, theater, and love, using their unique perspectives to guide their artistic talents. As such, many patrons and practicioners of the arts are or have contacts with members of this prestige class.


There is no specific organization dedicated to children of the Seelie Court. Most members of this class either devote their loyalties and affections to the fey communities in which they live in or to houses of art, guilds of music, or troupes of theater.

NPC Reactions

The passion that drives a child of the Seelie Court can be disconcerting to those who don't share them. Druids, rangers, and nature-oriented ardents may look kindly on children of the Seelie Court due to similar connections to the natural world. Sorcerers, wilders, and other spontaneous casters may feel a kinship to them due to having untamed magics of their own. Studious magic-users like wizards and psions find a child of the Seelie Court's emotional nature somewhat uncomfortable and are more reluctant to spend time around them.

Warlocks and fey aligned to the Seelie Court are almost always friendly towards members of this prestige class, while those aligned to the Unseelie Court are usually hostile. Out of mundane characters, those who enjoy art or music tend to admire children of the Seelie Court for their artistic talents. Most mundane people, however, don't treat children of the Seelie Court any differently, though those aware of their history may be discomforted by the idea of fey stealing away humanoid children.

Lore of the Seelie Court

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (nature) or the bardic knowledge ability can research children of the Seelie Court to learn more about them. When a character makes a successful skill check or bardic knowledge check, read or paraphrase the following, including the information from lower DCs.

DC 10: Sometimes the fey steal children from humanoid homes and bring them to the Seelie Court for upbringing. Such boys are known as the sons of Oberon and such girls are called the daughters of Titania.

DC 15: Children brought to the Seelie Court like so often gain affinity with sorcery or psionics due to their bond with the fey, gaining great powers over nature as time passes.

DC 20: These children eventually become almost like the fey themselves, and learn to unleash their chaotic emotions to power their casting or manifesting.

DC 30: Characters who achieve this level of success can learn important details about a child of the Seelie Court in your campaign, including the areas where she operates, and the kinds of activities she undertakes.

PCs who wish to find a child of the Seelie Court must curry favor with groups of fey who might be aware of one. Typically, this involves gift-giving and a DC 25 Diplomacy check with fey who align themselves to the Seelie Court.

Children of the Seelie Court in the Game

Because of the nature-oriented spells/powers and skills that this class grants, children of the Seelie Court work best in wilderness campaigns and adventures of exploration, though they work well in other types of campaigns too. Since the class doesn't lose more than a single caster level, and since it does grant several extra spells or powers known, a child of the Seelie Court can take the place of the party's primary arcanist or manifester. Heavy use of summoning (through Call Nature's Defenders/Defenders of the Wild), shapeshifting (Wild Transformation/Shape of the Beast), and other forms of attracting animal followers (Natural Bond/Link to Nature or Call of the Wild/Psionic) can provide your party with melee warriors when needed.

This class should appeal most to players who enjoy spontaneous casters or manifesters, especially those who love to gamble and use devastating spells with a chance of going awry. The versatility of the class should appeal to arcanists/manifesters who love to maintain options and utility, while Ecstatic Surge gives off a sense of high risk high reward for the player's spells and powers.


If the Seelie Court does not exist in your campaign world, any other governing body or organization of fey may take its place instead, changing the names of son of Oberon and daughter of Titania to other major rulers or figures within that organization. In a darker-themed campaign, this prestige class may represent children stolen by evil fey of the Unseelie Court, who become children of the Queen of Air and Darkness instead. In such case, certain fey spells/powers (like Hands of the Forest/Vitality's Hold) may become unavailable or changed to fit the flavor of the darker court, while new spells/powers that deal in trickery and deceit may be added.

Finally, a possible adaptation would be making this class allow divine advancement in place of arcane or psionic for either son of Oberon or daughter of Titania. This fits in very well in worlds where the fey are regarded as divine beings or ones in which either arcane magic or psionics do not exist. For this variant, you should allow certain Charisma-based spontaneous divine classes (such as favored soul, shugenja, or spirit shaman) to select fey spells as spells known, rather than only sorcerers and bards.

Sample Encounter

Because of their chaotic natures, children of the Seelie Court love to wander around and enjoy the world, often getting themselves in trouble with humanoid authorities due to their vastly different outlooks. In addition, due to their heritage, children of the Seelie Court often act as liaisons between fey and humanoid communities. The PCs might encounter children of the Seelie Court in this capacity and be tasked to aid them as a result.

EL 10: Aderyn the Fair is a daughter of Titania who spends her time traveling the world, visiting communities of fey and humanoids alike. It was in the course of one such travel that she discovered an army of humans planning to cut down a forest containing several dryad oaks in order to build siege weapons for besieging a nearby castle. After an initial failure to communicate with the army's commander (which led to violence as a result), Aderyn decides to seek out the PCs to help convince - or force - the humans to stop.

Aderyn the Fair (CR 10)

Female Human Educated Wilder 5/Daughter of Titania 5

CG Medium Humanoid (human)

Init +2, Senses: Listen -1, Spot -1

Languages Common, Sylvan

AC 18, touch 18, flat-footed 16

hp 47 (10 HD)

Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +8

+1 saves vs spells and SLAs

+3 Will saves vs enchantments

Damage Reduction 5/cold iron

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)

Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.

Base Atk +6, Grp +5

Melee +6 masterwork quarterstaff (1d6)

Combat Gear dorje of energy push (28 charges) [XPH]

Powers Known Manifester Level 10th, Power Points 102

1st - Link to Nature, Defenders of the Wild, Charm (Psionic)EK (DC 19 + augmentation)
2nd - Shape of the Beast
3rd - Dispel Psionics, Energy ConeEK (DC 19 + augmentation), Wings of the PixieFey
4th - Speak to the Land, Vitality's HoldFey

Supernatural Abilities Wild Surge +2, Ecstatic Surge +4 (4% per +1)

Spell-Like Abilities Confusion (CL 10, DC 22) 1/day, Dimension Door (CL 10, move action) 1/day, Summon Nature's Ally V (CL 10) 1/day

Extraordinary Abilities Elude Touch, Psychic Enervation, Surging Euphoria +1, Fey Bond, Greater Heritage (Fey Power)

Abilities Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 22

Feats Fey Heritage [CM], Fey Power [CM], Practiced Manifester [CP], Expanded KnowledgeB [XPH], Empower Power [XPH], Fey SkinB [CM], Expanded Knowledge [XPH], Fey LegacyB [CM]

Skills Bluff +19, Concentration +14, Diplomacy +16, Knowledge (Nature) +13, Psicraft +13, Tumble +14

Possessions +1 mithral chain shirt, masterwork quarterstaff, cloak of charisma +2, vest of resistance +1 [MIC], torc of power preservation [MIC], ring of protection +1, 80 gp

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