Chaos Blade

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Chaos Blade

Conjuration (Teleportation) [Chaotic]

  • Level: Swordmage 7
  • Casting Time: 1 standard action
  • Range: Melee attack and Personal
  • Duration: 1 round
  • Saving Throw: None

The Swordmage vanished into purple smoke, reappearing behind her opponent and slashing him in two, vanishing again, and chopping at him from the side. A third strike, faster than the eye could see, bisected him-and a fourth lanced through his heart.

The Swordmage makes a number of attacks equal to the number he would be entitled to in a full attack with a +5 Anarchic Longsword. However, all of these attacks are made at her full BAB with a -4 penalty.

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