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Evocation [Art, Light, Good]

  • Level: Swordmage 6
  • Casting Time: 1 attack action
  • Range: Personal
  • Area: 20ft Burst
  • Duration: Instantaneous and 1 round/4 levels
  • Saving Throw: Reflex half and Will negates (see text)

Grasping a sword of platinum and gold in both hands, the Swordmage drives it point first into the earth. An intense blast of light bursts forth from the diamond pommel, searing the very souls of everyone but the Swordmage.

All creatures in the area take 1d6 points of Divine damage per two levels, to a maximum of 10d6 damage at 20th. In addition, all non-good creatures in the area are Blinded for the duration of the Incantation. A successful Reflex save halves the damage, while a successful Will save negates the blinding.

Activating this Incantation automatically dispels any Darkness effects of 5th level or lower in the area.

If the Swordmage has activated at least two other Incantations with the Art descriptor in this round, his allies do not take the Divine damage from this Incantation, instead receiving the effect of a Cure Moderate Wounds spell, with a Caster Level equal to the Swordmage's Caster Level.

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