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Note: This feat is meant to be used with my revised Thunderlance spell.

Aspects of Thunder [Tactical]

Because of your dedicated use of thunderlance, you manage to incorporate various powerful tricks and tactics into your combat style.

Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (lance), able to cast thunderlance as a spell or spell-like ability

Benefit: The Aspects of Thunder feat allows the use of three tactical maneuvers while you are wielding or creating a thunderlance.

Elevating Assault: As a full-round action, you may charge at a creature, then choose to initiate a bull rush at some point during that charge when the creature is within reach of your thunderlance (rather than attacking). You may substitute your highest mental ability score for Strength in this bull rush, and you get a bonus to the ability check equal to 2 * (thunderlance reach - distance between you and the creature) / 5 (for example, a caster with 30 ft thunderlance reach stops 10 ft away from his target, then bull rushes with a bonus of +8 added to his highest mental ability modifier).

If you succeed on the bull rush attempt, you automatically hurl the creature back as far as your check allows, and you don't move with the creature. The creature does not provoke attacks of opportunity for this movement, and must make a Reflex save (DC = 5 + 5 * number of squares pushed back; stability bonuses vs tripping applies on this save) or fall prone at the end of the movement. If you have the dungeon crasher alternate class feature, a creature that falls prone this way automatically takes damage as if it was bull rushed into a wall (you may substitute your highest mental ability modifier for Strength on dungeon crasher damage rolls this way). Note, if you bull rush the creature into a solid surface and then knock it prone, you cannot deal dungeon crasher damage twice on one bull rush because of this.

This tactic may also be performed while charging on a mount. In that case, you may substitute your mount's size in place of your own for bull rushing purposes, and you get a +1 bonus to the bull rush per 10 ft of distance moved during the charge (if distance moved is greater than mount's speed, use mount's speed as the distance instead). (So a mounted caster with a 60 ft mount speed gets a +6 bonus to this bull rush if he moves at least 60 ft during the charge, a +5 bonus if he only moves 50-55 ft before the charge, a +4 if he only moves 40-45 ft, etc).

Piercing Storm: Whenever you charge at an opponent (including on a mount) and attack with thunderlance on the same turn, you may have the first attack after that charge be made against every enemy in a line from your square with length of the line equal to your thunderlance's reach. This line must include within its length the opponent you charged at. Make only a single melee attack roll for the attack, applying it against the AC of each enemy in that line (soft cover does not apply), but make separate damage rolls for each. This tactic may only be applied to your first attack after a charge, and even works on charge attacks brought about by a spell or ability (such as the battle leader's charge maneuver).

Thunderous Omen: Whenever you create a thunderlance, you may choose to unleash a mighty thunderclap that announces the arrival of your weapon. This thunderclap appears in the form of a cone from your square with length of cone equal to your thunderlance's reach. Creatures and objects in that cone take 1d6 sonic damage per 2 CL (Fortitude save for half; save DC is same as that of the thunderlance) and creatures that fail their save and take damage this way become deafened for 1 minute. This tactic may only be used once per encounter. (Note: if the thunderlance you create has Reach Spell applied, you can use Reach Spell's ability immediately after creation in order to increase the cone's length.)

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