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Alneshire is very similar in appearance to the Material Plane; it has earth, fire, water, air, living things, civilization, and plants. It has a sun and a moon and constellations. Indeed, the plane of Alneshire appears to be just like the Material Plane, until one visits it. Alneshire has completely different laws of physics than the Material Plane. There is gravity, but one may choose to ignore it. Days are fifteen hours long. Spirits that possess corporeal bodies roam the lands, from helpful to harmful alike. In fact, good spirits tend to be actual residents of the plane, and many are traveling traders… Alneshire is populated by all of the races of the Material Plane, though they are typically far more attractive in appearance.

Alneshire exists as a planet in the Material Plane. It rotates around a sun and a moon revolves around it, but the atmosphere is an invisible wall between the planes. Though it exists in the Material Plane to some extent, it is, in fact, a separate plane altogether.

· Self-contained shape. The plane is spherical, though the sky is in fact the wall between it and the Material Plane.

· Alterable morphic.

· Mildly neutral-aligned.

· Normal magic

· Normal time, though days are fifteen hours long

· Subjective directional gravity. Sentient beings may control the direction of gravity in relation to them, and even the strength of the gravity. It is possible to alter one’s weight or even eliminate gravity altogether. Inanimate objects are always affected by a flat amount of gravity that pulls them toward the plane’s surface. If the object is small enough to be carried, it is affected by gravity in the same way gravity affects whoever carries the object.

Anyone who dies in Alneshire has the choice to either continue to his or her afterlife or exist within the world as a corporeal spirit. This spirit is identical to the person they were, except: Their eyes are white, though they aren’t blind, their skin is pale, though they spend a great deal of time in the sun, and they glow a faint blue color while relaxed (though they can dull this aura at will). In addition, their creature type is changed to Undead, though there are no other effects aside from gaining darkvision and low-light vision. Spirits in Alneshire are often a friendly lot, offering advice or assistance to the living. Of course, their behavior is self-determined, and they are quite dangerous if angered. An Alneshire spirit that is killed is immediately banished to whatever afterlife they are to go to. Extraplanar beings that die in Alneshire may become corporeal spirits, and Alneshire spirits may travel out of the plane without losing their body. Alneshire spirits have a lifespan of about half of their living lifespan.

If one ‘falls’ into the sky, the planar wall stops them. For an unknown reason, beings are slowed just enough before hitting the wall that they are unharmed by it. It is very possible to walk on the sky in Alneshire.

Energy is the only substance that passes through the planar wall. Therefore, light and radiation from the sun in the Material Plane reaches Alneshire as though there were not an impenetrable wall between them.

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